• Princesses Galore!

    Thursday, May 5, we slept in until 7:15…unheard of at our house!  The girls and I got busy beautifying for our special princess meet-and-greet.  The girls got to meet Elsa and Anna in the Animators Palate, a restaurant they had all decked out like Arendale.  Elsa is Halle’s favorite princess, and she was in awe.


    Next, we moved on to the princess meet-and-greet, where the girls struggled with staying in line.  Once it was finally our turn, the girls met Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, the coveted Tiana (for Malia) and Rapunzel (for the third time).  Malia was enthralled with Tiana.  The two of them had a long chat.  Malia told her she likes when she turns into a frog in the movie, and Tiana told her that was very gross and slimy.  Many hugs were shared.  Rapunzel was amazing.  She remembered the girls and told them she was so honored to see them three times.  They laughed, hugged and told stories.





    Today was warm but winnnndddyy.  Halle and I attempted to go on the Aquaduck water slide on the top of the ship.  It was so cold and windy waiting up that high, and a kind couple invited us up to their spot which was covered from the wind.  They told us they were from Florida and live 10 minutes from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium that we are visiting on Saturday.  They told us to drive 10 minutes from there to ‘Honeymoon Island’ for beautiful views away from the hustle and bustle.  We will have to check that out!  We never did get down the slide…


    The kids swam, Kaleb chilled in the Oceaneer’s Club…the place that is loaded with games, shows and video games.  It is fully staffed by Disney.  They have a pretty intense check-in process, and in order to check them out you have to go through a series of steps, including sharing a secret word.  Nick neglected to tell me that the first time I tried to pick Kaleb up.  Sheesh!  I didn’t think we would send the kids in there when I initially read about the cruise.  After all, we want to be together!  For real, we have to drag Kaleb out of there.

    We enjoyed our last delicious dinner together on the ship.  We have had an incredible table host from Croatia.  He made our dinners fun, and we will miss his charm!  He has dreams of moving to Florida or Texas someday, so we will pray for God’s provision in Ivan’s life.

    We ended our night with a show in the Live Disney Theater.  It was called “Believe”, and it was PHENOMENAL.  From the music, to the dancing, pyrotechnics, and message, it was a fabulous way to end the cruise.  To our Doodle Bops, we pray you never stop believing that God has BIG plans for you, He will protect you, He will take care of you and He will ALWAYS be by your side.


    The girls cried for AN HOUR straight when we got back to our rooms.  Fatigued had kicked in, and they did not want this to be over.  I feel it, too.  Gratitude and joy overwhelm me.  May we be able to share and give joy in the future, like it has been given to us this week.